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Rock Quarry Information

Rock Quarry in Barstow California: Need Rock?

By August 24, 2022September 20th, 2022No Comments

Rock Quarry in Barstow California

You need rock? We got it. But maybe your question is bigger …. What kind of rock? Where does this rock come from? What can I use it for? Do you have enough for my large-scale construction needs? If you are looking for a rock quarry in Barstow, California, Lynx Cat granite quarry in California is here. Let us tell you a little about our quarry and some of the basics of what you can find here.

Barstow Rock Quarry Explained

A granite rock quarry is an open pit mine where miners excavate boulders of dimension stone that are cut using industrial machinery to make construction materials that range from drainage rock to ballast to construction sands to even decorative rocks.

Typically speaking, there are different categories of quarries, including:

  • Hard rock
  • Natural sand and gravel
  • Limestone
  • Sandstone (sand & building stone)
  • Marine/ocean

A granite rock quarry falls under the first category. The most significant differences between these are the types of materials excavated. As well, the method of extracting these substances differs.

Granite is one of the hardest stones available, which is why the most effective method of mining is by blasting the rocks. While other methods such as wedging can work in a granite quarry, the cost of extracting granite would be prohibitively high and the process would be tough, to say the least.

People are often surprised by the various needs rocks from quarries fulfill. Really, our economy is tied to the rocks that come from these open pits. Quarrying produces materials that make some of the most essential items in society. These include:

  • Construction materials to build roads
  • Foundational items for railroads and skyscrapers
  • Eco-friendly material to curb erosion
  • And so much more

Products From Our Granite Rock Quarry in Barstow, California

Quarrying is a resource and labor-intensive undertaking. It also produces different by-products, which we re-purpose to make a variety of products to meet your construction needs. Apart from our granite products, we also procure the following:

Aggregate and Crushed Aggregate Base

Our aggregate products come in different sizes and are ideal for varying construction needs. Similarly, these products are excellent when used as stabilizers and reinforcers in concrete and cement mixtures. Aggregate information here.

Ballast and Sub Ballast

Whether you’re a railroad builder looking for the best quality ballast to lay rail sleepers or a sub-ballast for landscaping or driveways, we have products in suitable sizes and shapes for your needs. Railroad ballast information here.

Rip Rap

Today more than ever, society is becoming increasingly conscious of protecting the environment. Rip rap is essential as it not only adds character to designs it also plays a crucial role in preventing soil erosion, ensuring the integrity and increasing the durability of structures. Similarly, it dissipates the strength of water if used on waterfronts. Get riprap information here.

Decorative Rock and Boulders

Landscaping projects come in different shapes and sizes. When considering creative designs, you must get a supplier who understands the decorative landscaping scene. As we excavate granite stones, we also extract decorative rocks and boulders with landscaping in mind. Decorative rock information here.

Landscape Rock

While you can make most rocks work in landscaping projects, we know what it takes to make a landscaping project stand out. Our range of landscaping rocks is extracted with landscapers in mind to ensure you get the best stone for your project. Large-scale landscape rock information here.

Fill Dirt and Screened Fill Dirt

Our fill dirt is ideal if you want to fill holes in the ground or change a property’s grade or elevation. On the other hand, if your landscaping project involves planting flowers, decorative trees, or grass, we also have screened fill dirt. Screened fill dirt is free from debris and rocks, making it ideal for plants. Find fill dirt options here.

Regardless of the type of quarry product you’re looking for, we have something for every project.

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