Railroad Ballast and Sub Ballast

Ballast and Sub Ballast Options Available

Railroad Ballast & Sub Ballast Available in Southern California

Support, strength, drainage, a degree of flexibility—these are all main requirements of railway ballast and sub ballast.

Today’s trains can exert a force of 100 psi while passing over tracks and their support material. It’s sustained abuse that requires quality to withstand the constant grind.

The stone ballast and sub ballast used as the base has to be the best quality. This provides integrity (safety) and longevity.

Of course, the sub ballast is just as vital as the ballast. The unseen, first layer of support, sub ballast is the first line of defense from water wear and destructive foliage.

If you are looking for the best quality railroad ballast and sub ballast at an affordable price, Lynx Cat rock quarry offers it all.

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The Lynx Cat Quality Ballast & Sub Ballast is:

Approved mainline railroad ballast

Approved railroad sub-ballast

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