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Construction Sand in Barstow California

By August 30, 2022September 20th, 2022No Comments

Quality Southern California Construction Sand

Sand is the building block of construction.

And the construction industry is one of the biggest in the world. Construction sand is an essential element with over 50 billion tons used annually.

Sand is a crucial aspect of mortar and concrete, making it better by adding density. This strengthens structures and helps them resist atmospheric conditions that may weaken them.

Similarly, using high-quality sand adds stability to construction materials. As you probably know, not all sands have the same quality or are as efficient. As a homeowner or contractor, we need to look at which type of sand is best for your project. Our granite aggregate options may even fit your particular needs.

Below are the most popular types of sand.

River Sand

River sand is the most popular and preferred for construction projects. The naturally occurring sand is harvested from riverbeds and banks, and unlike artificial sand, it’s believed to produce a stronger base and offer a smoother finish.

It’s famous for its strength, shape, and size, enabling it to absorb moisture better than other types of sand. River sand shouldn’t be confused with desert or beach sand, which are not recommended for construction projects.

Industrial Sand

A popular alternative in building and construction projects, industrial sand (high purity silica) comes in controlled sizing, helping it provide bend strength and adding density to mixtures. Industrial sand makes sealants, caulks, and epoxy-compounds corrosion and weather resistant.

Utility Sand

This is a product of crushing high-quality industrial quarts into bit-sized shapes. As a product of crushed aggregate rocks, it has a coarse texture and density that allows it to be an ideal base material for concrete mixtures. Utility sand is packed with naturally occurring minerals that add to the stability and durability qualities it renders to structures.

Masonry Sand

As the name suggests, this sand is typically used by masons to create mortar to lay bricks, blocks, stones, and plastering. However, because of how fine it is, it’s not the best for structural cement mixes.

Concrete Sand

This is one of the most affordable types of sand and is made from crushed granite, limestone, or gneiss. Its granules are angular, making it a great option for concrete mixtures. Concrete sand is also excellent for building bedding pipes.

Rock Quarry in Barstow California: Sand Options

As part of our Southern California quarry mining efforts and to reduce wastage and conserve the environment, we also create sands ideal for different building and construction projects. Get in touch with our team if you’re looking for a reliable supplier of sustainably harvested construction sand.

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