High-Quality Stone Aggregate in Southern California

Aggregate Options for Construction

Why is Lynx Cat the best option for stone aggregate in Southern CA?

The world is built on aggregate.

The sand, gravel, or crushed stone that make up the materials used with cementing mediums that create concrete and hydraulic mortars are the key ingredients in any major construction operation.

Whether its parking lots, highways, airport runways, railways, or any other various maintenance structure, the outfit doing the work needs to trust in the aggregate they purchase.

And they need it to fit the budget.

This is where Lynx Cat makes the difference. The aggregate at our rock quarry is the highest quality in Southern California, and we are affordable.

The Lynx Cat Rockin’ Difference

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Aggregate Details:

Approved mainline railroad ballast

Approved railroad sub-ballast

¾” crushed rock

½” crushed rock

Approved CalTrans Crushed Aggregate Base

High integrity, high quality

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