Decorative Rock and Boulders

Decorative Options for Landscaping for Construction

Decorative Rock and Boulders Available

Boulders provide a maintenance-free way to bring beauty and texture to any landscape. Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry offers landscape rock and boulders at a great price.

Boulders offer the dramatic eye-catching natural esthetic that lifts any outdoor space to a higher level. Whether you are looking for dramatic, stand-alone boulders, smaller decorative rock for esthetic groupings, or any other creative way to take advantage of boulders and decorative rock, Lynx Cat Mountain Quarry has the boulders you need in Southern California.


The Lynx Cat Rockin’ Difference

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Lynx Cat Decorative Rock & Boulders Details:

Various sized decorative boulders

Beautiful coloration

Dramatic angled rocks

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