Rip Rap

Rip Rap to Stop Water Erosion

Rip Rap Available in Southern California

Your best defense against erosion.

Rip Rap is used to stop the erosion of water. It’s the rocky material you see along shorelines, beneath bridges, along waterways, spillways, drainage systems, and more. Since water erosion can damage bridges, roadways, or other construction or natural structures, rip rap is used in these situations as a safety precaution that can save millions of dollars in damage mitigation.

Whether you need to stabilize a slope, line a spillway, or protect a waterway or coastline, we have the rip rap you need for construction work in Southern California. Not sure the right size or weight you need for your particular project? Call Lynx Cat Mountain Rock Quarry today. One of our real rockin’ people will be happy to help you find the best rip rap at a great price.

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